5 Best Live Sales Just Bought Notification WordPress Plugins For Woocommerce Store

Live sale notification is an alert which show up in your ecommerce website when someone makes a purchase.Other visitors to your website will see who is buying your products by Live sale notification.Generally,Live sales notification appears as small popup windows at the corner of your homepage.

Why we need live sale just bought notification for your woocommerce store.

Live sales notification is some kind of social proof.Just like product reviews or feedbacks on large ecommerce platform. This social proof is a customer psychological behavior which make customre feel more confidence during the online shopping.When customer see others buying something,they will get encouragement and do the same thing.Therefore,live sales just bought notification is very important for an ecommerce store.

Live sales notification can:

1.Improve customer trust.
2.Boost sales for your store
3.Show the most popular products in your store to customer

Best Live Sales Just Bought Notification WordPress Plugin For Woocommerce Store

  • Live Sales Notifications For Woocommerce
  • Woocommerce Notification
  • Fommerce
  • YITH Desktop Notifications for WooCommerce
  • TrustPulse

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