How To Add Shipped Tags To Your Woocommerce Order Status

When you have orders from customer on your WooCommerce store. The order status will first change to processing after customers finish the payment.

But after you ship the order, WooCommerce don’t have any shipped order status for you to update the order to customers. You can only choose completed status. It is confusing because customer can’t get the update from their order after package been shipped, some customers may think the orders are not been shipped, some even ask for refund because they think the order take too much time to processing. Therefore, it’s very important to add a shipped status tags to the shipped orders which can be seen by your customers.

In this way, you can increase the confidence of your customers after they pay for the bills in your Woocommerce store.

How to add a shipped tag to your WooCommerce order status?

There are several ways you can add shipped tag to your WooCommerce Order Status, some is by adding php codes to your site,some is by installing plugin.

If you are not good at coding, we recommend add shipped tag by plugin,we recommend Yith Woocommerce Custom Order Status plugins. In the old version of Yith Woocommerce Custom Order Status, it provide this feature for free while now the latest version is charged. You can download it from the link below from our website. Please remember don’t update it to the latest version.

Download Yith WooCommerce Custom Order Status plugin below

Here is the old version of Yith WooCommerce Custom Order Status plugin. You can also check it from official site of Yithemes. However, the latest version is charged for €79 per year. If you are just using a simple feature of this plugin, you can use the old version now. Just don’t update it to the latest version.

Upload the Yith WooCommerce Custom Order Status plugin to your WooCommerce site.

After you download the plugin, upload it to your website and activate it. It’s easy. Just do it as you install other plugins.

Add Order status from the wordpress dashboard

After you activate Yith WooCommerce Custom Order Status, You will see a side menu “Order Status”. Go to “Order Status” and add order status. Here you can add several order status. However, what we need most is the “Shipped” tag. You can also add “Ready To Ship” ,”Packed” etc.

Choose the Custom Color for your shipped tags

You can customer the color of the tags. This color will show up on the order status too. Generally,it’s better to choose a color similar to the original color. That will make your customer feel comfortable.

Go the the order, from the drop down labels, choose the shipped status to replace the processing status. And update the order.

After you finish adding the shipped tag to order status, you can find it from the drop down tags from your order status. You can choose the shipped tag after you ship the order to customer and update it to your order status. You customer can also see the order status after you update it.

By this way, your customer will get the notify after you change the order status. It’s easy. Please remember not to update Yith WooCommerce Custom Order Status plugin. So that you can use this free version plugin to add shipped tag to your order status.

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