How To Use WordPress Block Patterns To Create A Feature Page

1. What are WordPress block patterns?

WordPress block patterns are pre-made WordPress block layouts. With WordPress block patterns, you can create a post page by inserting the block patterns into your post. If you have enough block patterns, you can create a beautiful and professional page very quickly. It’s very convenient for WordPress beginner to make their own page.

2. How to use WordPress block patterns to create a page

It’s easy to use WordPress block patterns.

Step 1: Create a post

Create a post in the WordPress dashboard. Just make sure you upgrade to the latest version of WordPress, because you need Gutenberg editor to edit the block patterns.

Step 2:Add blocks

Step 3: Copy block patterns from the WordPress block patterns directory.

Go to the WordPress block patterns directory by this link

Choose your favorite block pattern. Click copy button and paste it to your WordPress block

After you copy the pattern you want to add, go to WordPress Gutenberg Editor, and paste it to the block. In this way, you will get a page just the same as the block patterns. You can modify the descriptions to your niche.

Step 4: Adding block patterns directly from Gutenberg Editor Block.

With Gutenberg editor, you can add WordPress patterns very quickly when you are editing your post.

  • First click + button at the end of your block line, and click browse all.

You can see that the Gutenberg editor integrates WordPress block patterns here. You can choose the categories and find the appropriate block patterns for your post page. Just find some block patterns and insert them into your post, then you can create your own featured page.


WordPress block patterns can make it easy to create a good-looking page. However, there aren’t many patterns you can choose from the WordPress block pattern directory. For beginners, you may need to pay for some professional and beautiful block patterns from third-party sellers. However, with WordPress block patterns together with the Gutenberg editor, even WordPress beginners can make a professional website. It’s easy and convenient for WordPress beginners.

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