How to fix it When All-in-one WP migration stuck?

The latest version of all-in-one WP migration Plugin has limited the migration file size to 128mb. They provided an extend plugin before to let you extend the file to 512mb. However, the latest version have already delete the extension.

And even with the file size of 128mb, sometimes you get stuck when migrating your site to new server. You probably get frustrate when this happen.

How to solve the problem.

1. Install the old version of All-in-one WP migration. And disable the auto-update function in your wordpress admin interface.

Deactivate the latest version of all-in-one WP migration plugin and delete it. Download the old version all-in-one wp migration plugin. We recommend version 6.7. You can download it from our website below.

all-in-one-wp migration 6.7

Version 6.7, allow you to migrate your wordpress site with size less than 512mb.The latest version only allow 128mb 

The old version of all-in-one WP migration support up to the size of 512mb. Therefore it’s more convenient for you to upload your export file.

Please be noted not only the exported file should be done in old version of all-in-one-wp migration,but also imported file which upload to new server should be done in old version. After you get all these done, please remember to disable the auto update function in WordPress for this plugin. As you know, the developer of this plugin need to make money from it, therefore they has decreased the size of file which you can migrate from old server to new server. So in the old version, you can migrate your site with much bigger size than now.


2.Use the backups function of All-in-one WP migration. After you backup your site into zip form file, download it from the original server.

Step 1. Install the old version of all-in-one wp migration in your site from old hosting server.

Step 2. Export your site in the format of  .wpress. by all-in-one wp migration.

Step 3. install all-in-one wp migration(old version) to your site in new hosting server. and activate it.

Step 4.Upload the exported .wpress file to the new hosting server under wp-content/ai1wm-backups/

You can use cpanel if your hosting server provide such service.Go to file manager and file your site document under the name of your site.

Step 5.Go to your wp admin interface, find all-in-one wp migration. Click Backups. You will see the file you upload. Click Restore, you will successfully migrate your site to new server.


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