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Get A Domain Name For WordPress Site

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Trusty Domain Registrars Recommendation

Free privacy and security
500+ domain extensions
Industry-beating prices
24/7 in-house support

Dynadot is a leading domain registrar in the industry, trusted to manage 5M+ domains by 100K+ customers. The price of Dynadot is very competitive. The latest price for a com extension domain is US$10.99 per year.

Trusted by 21+ million customers
500+ domain extensions
Excellent Customer Support
Reliable DNS

GoDaddy is a well-known domain registrar and web hosting company. With over 20 million customers worldwide, GoDaddy offers a wide range of domain-related services to individuals and businesses. They provide a user-friendly platform to search, register, and manage domain names, along with additional features like domain privacy, domain auctions, and domain transfers.

Low Domain Price
500+ domain extensions
Safe & Secure
24/7 in-house support

NameSilo is a domain registrar that focuses on providing simple and low-cost domain registration services. With a straightforward interface, NameSilo offers a wide range of domain extensions at competitive prices. They also include free WHOIS privacy, domain management tools, and reliable customer support. NameSilo is a popular choice for individuals and businesses looking for affordable domain solutions.

Trust By 2M+ Customers
500+ domain extensions
Free Privacy Whois and security
24/7 in-house support

Namecheap is a leading domain registrar known for its affordable prices and excellent customer support. With millions of domains under management, Namecheap offers a wide selection of domain extensions and helps individuals and businesses find and register their desired domain names. They also provide additional services such as web hosting, email hosting, SSL certificates, and more. Namecheap is trusted by customers worldwide for its reliable and cost-effective domain solutions.

What Is A Domain For a Website?

A domain is the unique address that identifies a website on the internet. It is used to locate and access websites and is typically represented by a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) or web address.
A domain consists of 2 parts, the domain name and the extension(TLD). For example, in the domain name “,” “example” is the domain name. .com is the extension TLD (Top-Level Domain). 
Anyone can register their own domain only if they have access to internet.

Why Domain is important for a website?

Literally, the domain is the identity and access of a website. But a good domain name means more than that. Although the development of mobile internet and social media take away some traffic from the PC internet, the Domain name is still very important for business. Big companies are still willing to pay big amounts of money for a good and memorable domain name.

The importance of good domain name

  • Branding
  • Trust and credibility
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Easy to remember and share
  • Consistency of all your online channel

List of the most expensive domain name transactions record

  • – Sold for $49.7 million in 2019
  • – Sold for $35.6 million in 2020
  • – Sold for $35 million in 2007
  • – Sold for $30 million in 2019.
  • – Sold for $17 million in 2015
  • – Sold for $16 million in 2005
  • – Sold for $13 million in 2010.
  • – Sold for $9.99 million in 2008.
  • – Sold for $11 million in 2001.
  • – Sold for $8,888,888 in 2015.
  • – Sold for $8.5 million in 2010.
  • – Sold for $8 million in 2015.
  • – Sold for $7.5 million in 2006.
  • – Sold for $7 million in 2004.
  • – Sold for $6 million in 2011.

How to choose an appropriate domain name for your website?

It’s always not easy to find an appropriate domain name for your business. However,  to choose a good domain, you can follow the following tips:
1.  Choose a domain that relates to your business or your brand. 
2. Find a concise and easy-to-remember word.
3. Always try to register a domain with the extension of .com
4. Avoid trademark and copyright infringement.
5. Take scalability into consideration when you register the domain in a special niche.

Tools that help you to find a good pronounceable domain name

If you are bothering how to find a good domain name for your business, you can go to these websites which can generate domain names automatically after you input the related words. You can choose the best name ideas from the ones generated by the website.


Input the business you want to have, the domain generator of this website will give you hundreds of options automatically. For example, if you input shoes, it will find 6,893 names you can choose from. 

domain generator



nameboy domain generator

Points You Need To Know Before You Choose A Domain Registrar

1. Register the domain by yourself and keep the domain under your control

If you have a web design company to build your website, never let the designer register the domain name for you. The domain is essential for a company. Just grab it in your hand in case there are some controversies. 

2. Register Price and Renewal Price

Usually, it will cost you about 10 to 20 dollars to register a domain per year. Compare the price of different companies and choose the best pricing company.  You need to pay attention to the renewal price because some companies offer extremely low prices for the first year and high renewal prices for the next year. 

3. Domain Transfer Policy

In some cases, you need to transfer your domain to another registrar. Some companies offer instant transfer services so that you can transfer your domain to another company within minutes.  However, in some companies, you need to wait almost a week to transfer out. Check the domain transfer policy before your place the order. 

4. DNS Management 

DNS means Domain Name System. It turns the domain name into an IP address. You can add an A record in the DNS and input the IP address of your hosting to connect your domain to the IP address. DNS management allows you to control how your domain name connects to your website and other online services.  Verify that the company provides easy-to-use DNS (Domain Name System) management tools.

5. Check if There Is Free Whois Privacy

Without whois privacy, your information could expose on the internet, and get tons of spam emails every day. Some registrars offer free Whois Privacy service while some charge for it. 

6. Customer Surpport

Generally, you won’t have problems with the domain registrar. If you are a beginner, you may have problems with 
  • DNS setting management
  • Billing and Payment
  • Account management(such as password forgotten, account held or suspended)
  • Domain ownership and administrative change
  • Domain transfer assistant
  • Renewal and Domain expiration redemption 
Therefore, research the customer support options provided by the domain registration companies. Look for 24/7 support, multiple channels of communication, and prompt response times.

How To Register Your Domain Name?

After the preparation, you can start to register your domain. Follow the steps below to start:
1.  Choose a domain name for your website.
2. Go to the registrar’s website.
3. Check the availability of the name. Try to get TLD(Top-Level-Domain) if possible. The extension with .com is always the first option. 
4. Add the domain to the cart and register an account on the registrar’s website. 
5. Choose the payment method and finish the payment. 
6. Wait a second and the registrar will allocate the domain to your account. 
In general, domain registration is the easiest part to start a website. However, it’s also important to have a good domain.  A good start is always the half success of your online journey.