Will Social Media Replace Blogging Website?

With the development of the internet, social media play an important role in people’s daily life. The statistic shows that, As of 2022, the average daily social media usage of internet users worldwide amounted to 147 minutes per day. In this case, can we say that social media have already replaced individual blogging? To some extent, yes, some blogging are been replaced, but some of them can’t be replaced. Here is why

1.No matter what media you choose. It’s about content.

If you are blogging about your personal life, and sharing your thoughts and views of life. It’s better to convert to social media. In these cases, individual blogging is replaced by social media. It’s meaningless for you to keep on maintaining your personal blog sites. Just give it up and completely embrace social media.

But if you are blogging in some professional niches, sharing your expertise or technology in some field, your blogging website can’t be replaced. You will have organic traffic from google or other search engines. Blogs or websites in professional niches still exist even more and more people spend time on social media, because these blogs and websites have special contents which are not easy to get from social media. And website owners can make money from it, making positive encouragement for them to continue to maintain and update more content to their blogs and website.

If you are a business owner who maintains a blog to drive organic traffic to your eCommerce store, social media can’t replace your blogging. When people are searching for something on the internet, they always want to read something useful. For example, someone is bothered by his hair problem. He wants to find some solution from google and come across your article on how to prevent losing hair in daily life. And in your eCommerce store, you do have some products that can help people to prevent hair loss, there is a big chance for them to place an order from your eCommerce store. That is why blogging is important for business, and such blogging can’t be replaced by social media.

Therefore, whether your blogging has been replaced by social media or not, it depends on the content which you show to your audience.

2. Blogging Website should combine with social media, blogging website is not the opposite of social media.

Blogging developed a lot more than it was first invented. Blogging is not only articles but also images or videos. However, Your blogging website should be linked to social media. Social media such as Twitter, Instagram,TikTok, and youtube are not on the opposite side to blogging websites. On the contrary, social media can drive social media traffic to your blogging website. A good blogging website definitely needs traffic from all channels, not just get traffic from google.

3. Blogging Website can be your personal brand, same as your social media account.

The brand is very important for both individuals and commercial entities. Blogging on a website can be the best way to create your brand. imagine that if someone wants to have a deal with you, they can find your brand on social media but if they can’t find your website, probably they won’t trust you so much. Blogging website stands for your brand. No matter you are an individual or a commerce entity, people will trust you more with your blogging website.

4. Social media accounts can be suspended by the platform, while blogging doesn’t have such risks.

When you are running social media, you need to follow the policy of the platform, sometimes even if you are not breaking the rule of the social media platform, your account can be suspended or your contents can be deleted. Even if your content exists, the platform can make it invisible to your followers by a special algorithm.

The suspension of Social media accounts happens from time to time. You don’t even know which policy you violate after you have been suspended. And the social media platform has no right to explain anything to you. They will ruin all your hard-working by suspending your account. Therefore, never put all the eggs in one basket. If you have your official blogging website, you control everything on your website. You have the code of the website under control in your hand, you control your domain which is the access to your website. You control your content which is created by you, nobody can delete them randomly.

5.Blogging a Website is much more friendly for business,while social media is good for casual life.

With the developing of website technology, blogging websites have more interactive features than social media. For example, blogging websites have beautiful landing pages than social media. Blogging websites can have some friendly popups. And you can make analyze your visitor by some statistical tool. Therefore, blogging websites are much more friendly for commerce users.

However, social media is much more popular among individual users who want to show their daily life. For example,gossip and sports topics are much more popular on social media like Twitter,Facebook and Instagram.

Tiktok and Youtube can also provide very good content to their audience. Many commerce entities are using TikTok and youtube to promote their business.


Social media can’t replace blogging websites. Social media will be a very good supplement for blogging websites, Social media is not only good for individual blogs but also good for commercial entities. After all, social media and blogging website is just the propaganda tool for us. If you make good use of them, they will help you to get what you want, not only earning money but also increase your social popularity.

If you are starting a new blogging website by WordPress, just don’t worry about the future of the website,they won’t be obsoleted.

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