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best 6 social media auto posting plugins for WordPress Site 2024

Social media is an essential channel to drive traffic to your website. According to an estimated report, there are about 4.9 billion people use social media across the world in 2024. Therefore, when you post an article on your WordPress site, it’s very important to share it on different social platforms simultaneously.

You can post it manually, but it will take some time to post it on all social channels. And you probably miss some of them if you have so many articles to share on social media. In this case, Social media auto-posting plugins can help you to do the job, and make your job automated and effective.

In this article, we will cover the best social media auto-post plugins to save your working time.

FS Poster

FS Poster is a great tool to increase website traffic by auto-publishing your posts to social network

Auto-Post New Blog Post
Schedule Posts
Direct Share Panel
Facebook Comments On WordPress Comments
Starting At: US$31/License

FS Poster support up to 20 social networks which will lead to driving more traffic from different social media and an improved SEO ranking through an increased number of visitors.  With the help of FS Poster, you can save your time and make your job more efficient, you can repost your old content without doing it manually. 

Key features of FS Poster

  • Auto-post new blog posts
  • Shedule posts
  • Direct share panel
  • Custome post types
  • Posting interval
  • URL shorteners
  • 20 social networks and service are integrated
  • Configure unlimited social network accounts
  • Customize post messages
  • Customize your post URL


SchedulePress helps to schedule your website’s content and share contents on social media networks automatically

Auto-Post New Blog Post to 4 main social networks
Schedule Posts
Customize blog social share templates
Easy to check all post from dashboard
Starting At:US$39/License

Scheduled posts can help you to share your latest blog posts on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest & LinkedIn automatically or with instant sharing option to boost site traffic and active readers. 

Key Features of Scheduled Posts

  • Automatically Share Posts On Twitter
  • Automatically Share Posts On Facebook
  • Automatically Share Posts On Pinterest
  • Automatically Share Posts On LinkedIn
  • Customize WordPress blog social share templates
  • Visual calendar for scheduled posting
  • Support multiple authors
  • Easy to check all posts from dashboard
  • Drag and Drop arrangement for the posting
If you choose the service from scheduled posts, they will offer you 25% discount on the next year renewal. 


Social Snap is a popular social media plugin that boosts traffic and engagements by using the power of social media platforms.

Support up to 40 social networks
Customize Social Share Buttons
Social Auto-Poster
Boost old posts
Starting At:US$39/License

Socialsnap is one of the most popular social share and auto-poster plugins for WordPress. It contains all features you need to boost your website traffic, including highly customized social share buttons that you can put anywhere in your post blog, and a user-friendly social auto-poster for your to post your new blog post to as many as 40 social networks. 

Key Features Of Socialsnap

  • Interacting with social networks
  • Highly customizable share buttons
  • Auto-poster to social neworks
  • Repost old content
  • Display follower counts
  • Display individual or total share counts
  • Member login via social media account
  • Easily to copy and share the URL links by your website visitors

social auto poster

The Social Auto Poster is a multi-features WordPress plugin that provides the functionality of social media auto-posting and post scheduling

Auto-Post New Blog Post
Schedule Posts
Direct Share Panel
Facebook Comments On WordPress Comments
Starting At:US$49/License


Key Features Of Social Auto Poster

  • Auto post new content
  • Supports custom post types
  • Configure Ulimited of each social media
  • Hashtags from tags or categories
  • Total control over social media shares
  • Emoji support
  • Post the content more than once
  • Auto Re-post old content.


Blog2Social is a famous WordPress Plugin that creates social media posts, schedules your blog posts, and reposts your old posts automatically.

Auto-Post New Blog Post
Schedule Posts
Direct Share Panel
Facebook Comments On WordPress Comments
Starting At:US$7/Month


Key Features Of Blog2Social

  • Cross posting content on selected social networks
  • Auto Posting imediately or on scheduled time
  • Share video files to social networks
  • Re-Post old post content
  • Automatically customize the social media posts
  • Track the performance of social media post
  • Support WordPress Multi-users’s posting

Revive Old Posts

Revive Old Posts can helps you to save time and effort in social media marketing by automatically creating post for your social network

Auto-Post New Blog Post
Schedule Posts
Direct Share Panel
Facebook Comments On WordPress Comments
Starting At: US$75/License

Key Features of Revive Old Post

  • Share to facebook, Twitter,Linkedin and Instagram
  • Full control over social share
  • Auto generate Hashtags from tags or categories
  • Share posts, pages, media &Custom post types
  • Re-Post the old contents
  • Share post on publish
  • Track the performance of click and impression of the share content.