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How To Set Up Your Affiliate Program On Your Woocommerce Site

What are affiliate networks?

An affiliate network is a network created by the business owner, finding some people to sell products or services for their business by paying a commission to them. It’s an easy business model.

Affiliate Networks are important to boost your business. The rise of the social network makes affiliates easier to access their audience than before. If you find some social network influencers to be your affiliate, it can easily drive large traffic to your website and boost your business dramatically. So if you are running an eCommerce business, an affiliate network is one of the extremely important marketing tools to scale your business.

How to create your own affiliate network.

1. Set up your woocommerce site.

First of all, you have to get a website which is powered by woocommerce. Woocommerce is an e-commerce plugin developed by WordPress, and it’s one of the most popular e-commerce software in the world with large quantities of extensions and plugins to carry out your business.

2. Choose an affiliate plugin and install it on your woocommerce site.

Here we recommend you Solidaffiliate. It’s a new start business focused on Affiliate plugin for woocommerse site. The solidaffiliate plugin works great on your woocommerce site and with great value of money. See the comparison table below.

Ultimate affiliate pro VS solidaffiliate VS Affiliatewp

 Solid AffiliateAffiliate WPUltimate Affiliate Pro
Pricing$229 one-time$299 yearly$69 one-time
Free Lifetime Supportyes1 yearUnlimited
Free Lifetime updatesyes1 yearyes
# of sites Per License1101



  • easy to set up.
  • one-time payment, lifetime update, and lifetime support.
  • Compact dashboard design and fully compatible with your woocommerce site.
  • Unlimited time to use different websites. If your first site fails, you can still use the license on your next site.
  • Bulk Payouts, save you time to pay your affiliates.


Can’t see the specific commission rate from the affiliate dashboard.

For example, if you assign a different commission rate to some affiliates, the number won’t appear on the affiliate dashboard. Therefore, you have to reach some agreement with your affiliates before they become your affiliate.

3. Create a page and use the shortcode to add the affiliate registration page and affiliate page to your site.

In order to create a login or register page for your affiliate users, you just need to copy the shortcode [solid_affiliate_portal] provide by solidaffiliate and paste it into your page editor.

4. Set up the commission rate for your affiliate.

Usually, you can use the default commission rate for most of your affiliates.For special affiliate users, you can set different commission rates or specific coupon codes for them.

5. promote your affiliate program by contacting your customer.

You can send emails to specific groups of your customer and recruit them as your affiliate.

Temperate affiliate recruitment email.

After you have set up your affiliate program, you have to recruit affiliates. Here are some email templates for affiliate recruitment.

Affiliate Recruit Template

Subject: Join our Affiliate Program and Earn Extra Income!

Dear [Recipient’s Name],

I hope this email finds you well. I wanted to reach out and offer you an exciting opportunity to join our affiliate program.

At [Company Name], we are looking to expand our reach and build partnerships. By joining our affiliate program, you can earn extra income while promoting our [product/service].

Why join us?

  • Lucrative commissions
  • High-quality products/services
  • Easy setup and tracking
  • Dedicated support

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up: Register for our affiliate program [include link].
  2. Access materials: Gain access to banners, links, and more.
  3. Promote and earn: Share our [product/service] using the materials provided.
  4. Track your success: Monitor referrals, conversions, and earnings in real-time.
  5. Get paid: Choose from various payment options for your commissions.

Join our team and monetize your online presence while helping us grow our brand. Sign up for our affiliate program at [include link]. If you have any questions, reach out to our support team at [provide contact information].

Looking forward to having you on board!

Best regards,

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