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How To Set Up Your Affiliate Program On Your Woocommerce Site

What is affiliate networks?

Generally speaking, Affiliate network is a network that create by business owner,finding some people to sell products or services for their business by paying commission to them.It’s an easy business model.

Affiliate Networks is important to boost your business. The raise of social network make affiliates more easy to access to their audience than before. If you find some social network influencers to be your affiliate, it can easily drive large traffic to your website and boost your business dramatically. So if you are running an eCommerce business, affiliate network one of extremely important marketing tools to scale your business.

How to create your own affiliate network.

1. Set up your woocommerce site.

First of all, you have to get a website which is powered by woocommerce. Woocommerce is an ecommerce plugin developed by wordpress, and it’s one of the most popular ecommerce software in the world with large quantities of extensions and plugins to carry out your business.

2. Choose an affiliate plugin and install it to your woocommerce site.

Here we recommend you Solidaffiliate. It’s a newly start business focus on Affiliate plugin for woocommerse site. The solidaffiliate plugin works great on your woocommerce site and with great value of money. See the comparison table below.

Ultimate affiliate pro VS solidaffiliate VS Affiliatewp

 Solid AffiliateAffiliate WPUltimate Affiliate Pro
Pricing$149 one-time$299 yearly$69 one-time
Free Lifetime Supportyes1 year6 month support
Free Lifetime updatesyes1 yearyes
# of sites Per LicenseUlimited101



  • easy to set up.
  • one time payment, life time update and life time support.
  • Compact dashboard design and fully compatible to your woocommerce site.
  • Unlimited times to use in different website. If your first site fail, you can still use the license on your next site.
  • Bulk Payouts, save your time to pay to your affiliates.


Can’t see the specific commission rate from the affiliate dashboard.

For example, if you assign a different commission rate to some affiliates, the number won’t appear on the affiliate dashboard. Therefore, you have to reach some agreement with your affiliates before they become your affiliate.

3. Create a page and use the short code to add the affiliate register page and affiliate page to your site.

In order to create a login or register page to your affiliate users,you just need to copy the short code [solid_affiliate_portal] provide by solidaffiliate and paste it to your page editor.

4. Set up the commission rate for your affiliate.

Usually, you can use the default commission rate for most of your affiliate.For special affiliate users you can set different commission rate or specific coupon code for them.

5.promote you affiliate program by contacting your customer.

You can send email to specific group of your customer and recruit them as your affiliate.

Temperate of affiliate recruitment email.

After you have set up your affiliate program, you have to recruit affiliates. Here are some email templates for affiliate recruitment.

Affiliate Recruit Template 1:

Subject: Join [your company name] Affiliate Program to Earn up to 75% Commission

Dear Partner,

This is [your name] from Business Development Department of [your company name], [a little introduction to your company]

We sincerely expect to cooperate with you on our affiliate program and create interest together. To maximize your potential profit, we offer you up to 75% commission on each sale you refer. In addition, we will provide the best marketing support to reduce your workload and save your precious time and effort.

If needed, we can generate affiliate links, provide an exclusive coupon code, provide banners and landing pages for the campaign, also provide custom-build version, and help you monitor and optimize the campaign performance.

We sincerely invite you to join our Affiliate Program and we are looking forward to your positive reply.

Best Regards

[your name]

Business Development Department

Affiliate Recruit Template 2:

Hi dear webmaster.

I am [your name] from [your company name].  I am inviting you to join our affiliate partner program.

Here, I am going to illustrate the benefit you can get and the marketing supports in our partnership.

Firstly, let’s begin with the commission. You can gain up to 75% of each sale in return which is pretty high rate in the industry. To make the sales better, we can provide exclusive coupon codes for the sales campaign. In order to make the process easier, landing pages and banners will be prepared by us which can save you tons of time so that you don’t need to do it by yourself.

How do you think? Looking forward to your reply.

Affiliate Recruit Template 3:

SUBJECT: [affiliate site domain] affiliate recruitment offer

Dear [affiliate name] team,

My name is [your name], and I am the affiliate manager for [your company name], a software manufacturer in PC optimization and security with over 200 million downloads and over 100 awards.

After reviewing your site, I definitely see a lot of potentials to work together.

I would like to invite you to join our affiliate program at a starting commission rate of 60%. Based on the content you feature, I think a partnership with [your company name] would be very natural, and likely very appealing to your audience.

There is no effort required to become [your company name] affiliate as we provide all kinds of marketing support including affiliate links, exclusive coupon code, banner, landing page, affiliate custom-build, marketing suggestions, etc., to help you get started easily.

If you have any questions about [your company name] or our affiliate program, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Looking forward to working with you.


[your name]

Affiliate Program Manager

Affiliate Recruit Template 4:

This is [your name] from [your company name]. [a brief introduction of your company].

On behalf of [your company name], I hereby to inquire about your intention of joining the Affiliate program of [your company name]. As our global software business is growing fast, we are in need of more influential partners to share the vast fortune and opportunity in this market by increasing sales of our competitive products. [affiliate name] as a comprehensive website focus on IT area has been recognized as one of the most potential website by software developers and IT practitioners. Therefore, we consider [affiliate name] an ideal affiliate partner for the long-ran relationship.

Now please allow me to elaborate the advantages for joining our Affiliate program. That is, by joining [your company name]`s Affiliate program, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Well-known products to boost traffic to your website
  • Start at 60% and earn up to 75% commission rate
  • 120 days’ cookie tracking and custom affiliate build available
  • Various advertising banners and landing pages support
  • Monthly newsletter support – deals, product updates, and tips
  • Bonus and commission increase for top performing affiliates
  • Dedicated Affiliate Manager support

If you are interested in this deal, please contact me for more details. I believe this is an excellent chance that both sides of us can make greater influence in digital and IT industry by making such a joint venture.

Affiliate Recruit Template 5:


I am [your name] from [your company name]. I see you have many article written about [your product niche] and think it is a best fit to refer our product [your product name]. Therefore, I want to invite you to join our affiliate program at a starting commission rate of 60%.

Our product provides [main features]. Referring our product can not only earn you money, but also bring value to your audience.

If you are interested, let me know. Love to share more details with you.

Here are my 5 affiliate recruitment email outreach template. Feel free to use any of them and share your thoughts in the comment section.

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