How To Change WordPress Admin Password From PhpMyAdmin

Option 1. You can reset your password by clicking the link”lost your password?” from the login dashboard.

Option 2. You can also go to PhpMyAdmin. And change your admin password from database.It’s also very easy. Check the steps below.

step 1. Go to cPanel, find PhpMyAdmin

step 2. Find the database of your website from PhpMyAdmin

Step 3. Find documents with users ending. And click it to enter the directory, You will see edit from the left side. Click edit.

Step 4. Find user_pass at the third row. Your user name is at the second row. Just leave it alone.

Step 5. Click the drop down triangle, select “MD5” see pictures below. After that enter your new password. Click “Go” to save the change. Now you have successfully change your password. Remember to Select MD5 before you enter your new password.

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